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2021 Early Care and Education Leadership Development Compendium: A View of the Current Landscape, 4th edition
Stacie G. Goffin and Erin Gager

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What Lies Ahead For Our Field ECE’s Leadership Choices
Stacie G. Goffin and Valora Washington
November-December 2020

Next Steps in Increasing ECE’s Leadership Capacity [Blog Post 3]
Stacie G. Goffin and Elliot Regenstein
July 20th, 2020

The Practice of Leadership [Blog Post 2]
Stacie G. Goffin and Elliot Regenstein
July 13th, 2020

Addressing Early Childhood Education´s Leadership Capacity Gap [Blog Post 1]
Stacie G. Goffin and Elliot Regenstein
July 6th, 2020

Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators—A Compendium
Stacie G. Goffin and Laura Bornfreund (Eds,)
March 2020

Introduction and Closing Essay
Prelude: Moving Beyond False Choices May Be Within Our Reach [Stacie Goffin]
Getting Unstuck: What’s Needed for ECE to Take a Big Step Forward [Laura Bornfreund]

Transforming the ECE Workforce [Blog Post]
October 2019

 Leadership Choices Await Early Care and Education Practitioners
July/August 2019, pgs 8-12

 Reimagining ECE’s Approach to Change [Blog Post]
July 2019

Early Childhood Education Field-Defining Questions Still Await Answers [Blog Post]
May 2019

Who Should Be Defining Early Childhood Education’s Future? [Blog Post]
February 2019

Are We Ready? [Blog Post]
June 2018

Early Childhood Education’s Future as a Profession: The Ball’s in Our Court [Blog Post]
February 2018

Let’s Focus Less on ‘Leaders’ and More on “Leadership” [Blog Post]
January 2018

You Can’t Have Professionals Without a Profession [Blog Post]
September 2016

To Be or Not To Be Degreed
January/February 2016

Fulfilling the Promise of Early Childhood Education—Advancing Early Childhood Education As a Professional Field of Practice [Blog Post]
October 2015

It’s Time to Make ECE’s Promise A Reality [Blog Post] 
August 2015

Vision to Practice: Setting a New Course for Early Childhood Governance

Field-Wide Leadership: Insights from Five Fields of Practice

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How the Roles of Early Childhood Caregivers and Educators Came To Be Marginalized:
The Influences of Gender and Race, Developmental Psychology, and Public Policy.