Sample Presentations


2021 Status of Early Care and Education Leadership Development Programs – Council of Chief State School Officers ECE Collaborative Winter Meeting,  January


Developing an ECE Profession: What will it take? – National Smart Start Conference, May


Rethinking Early Childhood Education’s Developmental Trajectory: Becoming a Recognized Profession – Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies Symposium Series, September

Closing the Leadership Gap – NAEYC Professional Learning Institute, June


Becoming A Recognized Profession – Rhode Island Association for the Education of Young Children, December

Redirecting ECE’s Trajectory – University of Vermont, September

Paving the Way: Conversations With Intent, NAEYC Professional Learning Institute, June

Distinguishing and Engaging ECE in Its Next Era, May

Achieving Recognized Professional  Status Can’t Happen Without You – NAEYC Public Policy Forum, February


Your Role in the Next Era – Early Childhood Investigators Webinar, November

Re-Forming ECE as a Field of Practice – Early Years ’16 Conference – Boise, Idaho, November

You Can’t Have Professionals Without First Being A Profession – Mid-America Regional Council Early Learning Workforce Summit, November

A Third Way Forward to Professionalism – NAEYC Professional Development Institute, June

 A Third Way Forward – McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership Public Policy Forum, May

2015 and earlier

Leading Toward Becoming A Profession – National Association for Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education, June

Reflective Practice—An Essential Leadership Ingredient Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Program, March

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How the Roles of Early Childhood Caregivers and Educators Came To Be Marginalized:
The Influences of Gender and Race, Developmental Psychology, and Public Policy.