Conversations With Intent

Conversations with Intent prepare us for collective decision-making and action — they’re not just talk!
They intentionally activate action in support of advancing ECE as a recognized professional field of practice.

Transforming the ECE Workforce [Blog]  
October 7, 2019

Who Should Be Defining Early Childhood Education’s Future? [Blog]  
February 22, 2019

Are We Ready? [Blog]  
June 2018

Keeping Our Eye on the Prize — GSG Response to P2P Decision Cycles 3, 4, & 5
April 18, 2018

Early Childhood Education as a Profession Survey
January 2018

Fact Sheet on Professions
November 2017 *Update 2018*

Guidance For Conversation with Intent Facilitators
November 2017

Early Childhood Education [ECE] For A New Era
Questions To Guide Us Into ECE’s Future As A Recognized Profession
November 2017

Q & A on Professions
October 2017

Conversations with Intent Facilitator’s Packet
September 2017